play installations

In 2013, Play Lab began as a series of pop-up play installations. We continue to offer curated pop-up play events that center around a set of materials or a big idea, inviting children and families to drop in and explore, play, and experiment together. Learn more about offerings below, and contact us about bringing these ideas alive in your community!

library cardboard.jpg

cardboard playground

Play Lab began with cardboard, and we are still travel around, facilitating cardboard play for children and families! Contact us about facilitating a cardboard playground for your community.


pop-up playdates

Playdates are planned around materials or a big idea. From sticky weaving to circuit tinkering, we work with hosts to curate a just-right installation for your space, event, and audience. Contact us about bringing a playdate to your school or event!


materials workshops

Play Lab founder Allie Bishop Pasquier leads hands-on, playful workshops for adults who are interested in reconnecting with play in order to deepen their work with children.